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For hundreds of years, window blinds have been used all around the world to control the amount of light entering a room, while still allowing the circulation of air.

Since their first appearance, blinds have been used all around the world in different forms, and their effectiveness can be seen from the fact that in all that time, the principle has remained unchanged, although the materials and mechanisms have evolved with the times.

Blinds offer your space a distinctive edge that's clean, crisp and classy. Whether you need blind installation for your home or your workspace, our innovative use of blinds provides any room with a look of modern style and practicality.

  • Wooden and aluminium venetian blinds: Discreet, sophisticated and practical, venetian blinds are the classic blind design that's stood the test of time. Available in an extensive range of colours.
  • Vertical blinds: Decorative design, controlling light entering your space without sacrificing your view. Vertical blinds are a comparatively inexpensive window treatment.
  • Woven blinds: Designed using natural wood and bamboo, providing a cozier, less clinical feel to a room, essentially giving a slight touch of nature to your space.
  • Raffia outdoor blinds: Appropriate for all climates, these blinds provide excellent protection from sun, wind and rain.
  • Roller blinds: Uncluttered blinds, giving full control over your light filtration. Simple and functional, with relative ease of installation, while maintaining the aesthetically pleasing design style of blinds.
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